WooCommerce to iZettle Syncing

We are able to provide a 2 way syncing service, so all of your stock levels for products and prices all match up correctly between WooCommerce and iZettle.

When a client asked about this previously we noticed that there was not a lot of ways to achieve this without developing our own service!

Sure, iZettle do offer a “WordPress Shop” however that does not give you all the power and features of a WooCommerce shop, and it does not mean re-building your shop if you already have a WooCommerce based version.

WooCommerce iZettle is a plugin that gives you the ability to transfer products from your WooCommerce account to your iZettle account. You can also synchronize inventory stock in both directions.

When you have installed the plugin, you connect your WooCommerce site to your iZettle account with the push of a button. Then you choose which products you want to export to iZettle, or if you want to bulk sync all WooCommerce products to iZettle.

The plugin can keep the stock levels for connected products up to date in the background (you choose how often), alternatively, in real-time when a product in WooCommerce is viewed or added to the cart.

You can easily accept payments for your WooCommerce products directly in the iZettle app, just like you are used to as an iZettle user.

If you would like more information on how we can help out with implementing this into your website please fill in the form below.

Integration prices start from as low as £34.99 a month

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